Areas of strength

The firm DUFLOS provides a clientele of businesses and directors with consultancy, defence and training activities in the field of labour law and social protection.

For our firm, labour law, in all its richness and complexity, is an important but not an exclusive element of human resources management.

Made up mostly of practitioners who have held operational roles in the business world (HRD, Legal Department), the firm combines legal expertise with entrepreneurial know-how in order to provide its clients with an overview of the most concrete and practical responses.


In terms of consultancy, the firm works at the request of clients in accordance with the traditional formulas (Either on the basis of time spent or within the framework of a budget agreed in advance) or based on a subscription contract.
This last option is recommended insofar as the permanence of relations constitutes a guarantee of the quality of the advice provided.
Regardless of the option chosen, our firm favours availability, reactivity and direct contact with its clients.
All our consultations are systematically confirmed in writing, and therefore have the value of an undertaking.
We attach great value to providing responses which are immediately operational, along with, where necessary, the required document template.


The firm is active before all jurisdictions within France and possesses a network of contacts overseas.

All of our lawyers are well versed in pleading.

Before the highest jurisdictions (Supreme Court or French Supreme Administrative Court), we recommend the involvement of Lawyers at the Councils (Lawyers at the French Supreme Administrative Court and at the Supreme Court), with whom we have enjoyed professional relations of trust for several years.


As law keeps changing, laws and decrets are multiplying, jurisprudence is renewing everyday, our law firm proposes breakfasts about topical issues.


Convinced that a negotiated issue is much better than a judicial decision, partners of the firm are trained in mediation with ARMEDIS Institut.

As a structured accompaniment process, mediation is an alternative to “all judicial” which replaces individuals in the heart of their conflict and gives them possibility to built, together, satisfactory and durable solutions.

Our law firm may accompany its clients in a such process and, in any case, aim to promote amicable solutions whenever appropriate.


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